What Are Examples of Advocating for a Customer's Needs Within An Organization?


    What Are Examples of Advocating for a Customer's Needs Within An Organization?

    Sometimes within large organizations, if you’re not careful, customers can get lost in the shuffle. If you advocate for them, though, you may just gain their loyalty for life. We've gathered insights from professionals who have championed their clients' needs within their companies, from a Customer Success Manager's tale of restoring faith through resolving technical issues to a Real Estate Sales Representative's success in facilitating dream home financing. Explore the compelling stories of four experts who put customers first.

    • Restored Faith with Technical Issue Resolution
    • Promoted Warm Customer Service Interactions
    • Kept Customer Looped In and Sent Apology
    • Facilitated Dream Home Financing

    Restored Faith with Technical Issue Resolution

    A valued customer contacted us because they faced a significant challenge with our product. They were experiencing a technical glitch that prevented them from fully utilizing a service they had paid for, leading to a mix of frustration and disappointment. The clock was ticking, deadlines were approaching, and there they were, stuck and unable to proceed.

    Upon receiving the complaint, I immediately realized the gravity of the situation. This wasn't just about a malfunctioning product; it was about trust, reliance, and the customer's success hinging on our ability to deliver. I knew right then that this required more than a standard procedure. It demanded action, empathy, and a bit of creativity!

    I embarked on a mission, not just to solve a problem but to restore faith. My first step? Diving deep into the issue alongside our tech team, working tirelessly to pinpoint the glitch. But here's the kicker - we hit roadblock after roadblock. Technical issues can be like puzzles, complex and tricky, demanding patience and persistence.

    Knowing the impact this was having on our customer, I escalated the issue to senior management, advocating passionately on behalf of the customer.

    Then we finally had the breakthrough moment! With combined efforts, we identified the glitch and implemented a fix that would prevent similar issues for others in the future.

    But did I stop there? No! Understanding the inconvenience, I managed to secure a gesture of goodwill from the company—a token of our commitment to their satisfaction and success.

    The resolution was swift and effective, turning a potentially harmful experience into a testament to our dedication to customer service. The customer's response? Relief, gratitude, and renewed confidence in our brand. They went from a frustrated user to a vocal advocate, sharing their story and how we transformed a challenge into a showcase of our commitment to excellence.

    Terence Daniels
    Terence DanielsCustomer Success Manager

    Promoted Warm Customer Service Interactions

    I once checked my online store and noticed many unanswered queries. I gently reminded my social media manager that responding to customer queries promptly keeps them from leaving our page and deciding to make a purchase from another store.

    A few days later, I checked in again, and there were no unanswered queries left, except for one thing—the way my social media manager answered the questions was cold (and I mean one-word-answer cold), which isn't how I aim to present my brand.

    I want my online business to be known not just for the affordable products we sell but for how accommodating and friendly our customer service is. I want customers to leave feeling satisfied with their purchase and happy because someone assisted them kindly every step of the way.

    So, when I found out how my team member was responding to customer queries, I once again gave a gentle reminder that being warm and accommodating pays off in the long run. I also shared how hard it was for me to build the foundation of my e-commerce store from scratch, reiterating how important the business is to me, as whatever it is now stemmed from all the late nights, working during weekends and holidays, and choosing to put in the work instead of taking a moment to chill or relax.

    I reminded my team about the importance of working, not just 'to do our jobs,' but to actually give people a one-of-a-kind customer experience that they would talk about with their friends, family, and loved ones.

    After all, the best kind of advertising is the words of people who have actually tried your business and have nothing but good things to say about your brand.

    Joanna C.
    Joanna C.Founder and Owner, The Millennial VA

    Kept Customer Looped In and Sent Apology

    Recently, a luxurious commodity ordered from our cross-border shopping platform was misplaced in another country. On the hotline, I assured the customer that the products would be delivered, expressing empathy for their situation. After discussion with higher authorities, I promised my client a 100% refund or a reordered new product delivered to them within a stipulated time interval.

    We regularly updated our customers on the proceedings, calming their worries. With a deep understanding of our products and operations, I tracked the order and collaborated with internal teams to resolve the issue, and the product was swiftly delivered to their doorstep with an apology letter from our side.

    Dhari Alabdulhadi
    Dhari AlabdulhadiCTO and Founder, Ubuy Netherlands

    Facilitated Dream Home Financing

    There was a time when a client was facing difficulties with the financing process for his dream home. Despite meeting all the criteria, there were delays and miscommunications that were putting his purchase at risk. Understanding the stress he was under, I stepped in to advocate for him within our organization.

    I facilitated direct communication between the client and our finance team, ensuring that his concerns were heard and addressed promptly. I also provided additional documentation and clarification where needed to expedite the process. Moreover, I liaised with external financial institutions to explore alternative options and streamline the approval process. By being proactive and persistent in advocating for our client’s needs, we were able to overcome the obstacles together and successfully close the deal on his new home. It was a gratifying experience to see him move into his dream property with a smile on his face, knowing that we had gone the extra mile to make it happen.

    Samantha Odo
    Samantha OdoReal Estate Sales Representative & Montreal Division Manager, Precondo